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Myanmar's climate is typified by a tropical monsoon climate which it shares with the rest of mainland Southeast Asian Mekong countries. The country has approximately two climate zones which are split up into the Irrawaddy Delta plus the southern area of the country, and the dryer central areas as well as the cooler mountainous regions of the north. However the annual monsoon affects both climate zones in a similar manner.


The monsoon weather patterns of Southeast Asia bring with it a distinct dry season which is typically split between a cool season from November to January/February and a hot season from March to May. After the scorching heat of the hot season monsoon rains bring a distinctly rainy season which lasts from June to October. The central region, which is protected by the Arakan mountain range, experiences significantly less rain than other regions of the country


The cool season weather in Myanmar brings with it humid warm days with cool refreshing evenings. It rarely rains during the cool season and the weather can get quite chilly in the mountainous areas, sometimes close to freezing at night. The hot season brings with it high tropical temperatures that reach their peak in April and May. Myanmar's central region experiences the highest temperatures in the country during this time. The rainy season brings much needed relief to the country with tropical heavy rain showers in the afternoons. The most rain occurs in the delta and coastal areas of the country. The central region of the country usually experiences about half as much rain as the delta and coastal areas. The north of the country is cooler in the hot season; however it receives more rain than the central areas in the rainy season.

Where to go:

The most ideal time to visit the beauty and mystery of Myanmar is in the cool dry months from November to February.

Additional Remarks:

For those adventurous enough, another great time to visit the country is during the hot season which hosts Burmese New Year in mid-to-early April. Local people celebrate the New Year by splashing water on each other and it's a great way to beat the heat and have a great time getting acquainted with lowland Burmese culture. The early months of the rainy season can be nice as the weather is still balmy with short afternoon rain showers and the rain levels haven't yet reached their peak.

What to Bring:

Other than bringing clothes which are suitable to Myanmar's tropical climate, walking shoes for exploring the beautiful splendour of the country should not be forgotten. A jacket or sweater for the mountainous areas in the cold season is a must.