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Ornamental plant village


As other farmers in the Mekong Delta region, people in Cai Mon Village in Ben Tre Province have begun intensive care for their plants at year’s end to prepare for the upcoming spring sale season. In this busiest time of year, farmers have to work in the garden from dawn to dusk, taking care of the trees, watering, fertilizing, weeding and spraying plant protection drugs.



It takes more time to take care of ornamental plants than flowers, so people started to grow them from the beginning of the year. They are now only focusing on some special treatment for the plants. Depending on the growing time of each tree, people can decide when to plant. Year’s end is the planting season for short-term ornamental plants such as chili, heart-shaped plant and small carnation.

In Phu Long, Hung Khanh Commune, the ornamental bonsai farm of Nguyen Van Cong draws the attention of passers-by with bonsai formed in the shapes of 12 zodiacs. Some of his animal-shaped plants have been exported to Singapore and Australia.

Since early this month, people from everywhere have come to farms in Cai Mon Village to looking for their favorite plants. Some special kinds like mountain ginseng, fig or wrightia religiosa are usually sought after and sold out earlier than apricot blossom, mandarin orange plants and ornamental flowers.

Cai Mon Village, about 40 kilometers from Ben Tre City, has favorable natural conditions for planting fruit trees, ornamental flowers and plants. Many families there earn a living by planting decorative flowers and trees. Income from the job can cover their children’s school fees and other expenses, including home purchases.

Source: SGT